How to get your pool ready for cold weather

Having the water in your pool freeze for the duration of the winter is the greatest hazard your pool will ever have to deal with. If you do not take the correct preventive measures, frozen water will cause serious damages to your pool. It will break your filtration... read more

Do not be afraid to put some color on your walls

I recently took a trip to visit an old friend who I had not seen for many years but we have kept in touch on a weekly basis. She lives in a beautiful area of the South Puget Sound called Olympia. During my stay she was having some of her two of her upstairs bedrooms... read more

Top 5 Pool-Side Furniture Options

You already have a pool. Hopefully you’re enjoying it, but there is still some room for improvement. In this article we’ll look at 5 different furniture options that should improve the presence of your pool-side area. A Slide Got kids? Wonderful! Have you... read more

How to give some love to your indoor plants!

Nothing is more eye-catching and uplifting in your home than a area filled with wholesome green house plants. They compliment any decor and will increase indoor air quality. They will also provide a sense of satisfaction to the person caring for the plants when... read more

How I Saved Money and Time in Gardening with Atomic Bloomz

I would say that I am very passionate with regards to gardening. Maybe it is because I was raised by parents who are both fond of gardening themselves. Ever since I was young, I was trained by them on to properly care for plants. My mother has a flower garden. My... read more

Affordable, but cool and modern, home furnishings

Affordable, but cool and modern, home furnishings by Blu Dot can transform any home from ho-hum to extraordinary. While you could invest in a few signature pieces, Blu Dot furniture is ideal for outfitting your entire home. Here’s a taste of how you could use... read more

Can I plant an olive tree in my backyard?

An olive trees is a tough tree and can be grown almost anywhere. It will only blossom in a climate that is able to reach at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this cold requirement it is not ideal to grow an olive tree in a tropical area. However areas reaching... read more

Guidance for Home Lift Owners

Today’s fast-paced living constantly calls for advancements in technology that break barriers to empowerment, achievement, comfort and luxury. One such technological advancement that is becoming mainstay in Singaporean homes is the dependable and impressive home... read more

How do I winterize my patio?

Sadly, for me anyways. Winter is approaching, and you have worked so hard all year to  keep your outside living space in tip-top form. Last year I waited till the first snowfall to winterize my patio, that should not be your plan!  Don’t let it all go to waste... read more